Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay it's time....

It's been so long since I've posted anything, I'm almost wondering if I can remember what all has happened in the past month or months...... So here it goes, to make things a little easier I am going to make a bunch of new posts to seperate all the exciting events, some of which can not even be chronicled?!?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

LINDSEY IS 17 !!!!!!

I think I am going through a bit of denial that Lindsey is turning 17, now it doesn't seem like yesterday when she was born, but I remember bringing our first baby girl home with us and it definitely doesn't seem like it's been 17 years and next year she'll be getting ready to venture out on her own. I hope that I can face that day when it comes, I might need to be heavily medicated......Look at our sweet girl! What would a b-day be like without a little brother playing his new Christmas guitar for everyone (Gotta love those December B-day's)

Thanks to Rachael Woods Lindsey also got B-day Cupcakes, We Love you Rachael!!!!

Happy B-day Lindsey, We love you and are so proud of you!!!

Christmas is fun...

I was sooo excited to get this picture of the kids with Santa for Christmas,because I thought that everyone was old enough for it to turn out good, however Braxton freaked out as soon as we got there and he WOULD NOT even go into the room where Santa was sitting....He was crying hysterically, and he kept saying, I don't want to sit on his lap...After much bribing and reasoning this is what we got.... The real smiles came out on Christmas Morning though......Check out the girls vs the boys, it was 6:30 a.m.

The Girls having fun in their new Scarves and Hats from Grandma & Grandpa Woolf!!!!
These Boys are sooooo excited, Braxton got an Ipod and Daylan got a very cool Lego Robot...

Check out these way cool boys, believe it or not they actually really wanted these coats for Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Singing a song is fun to do....

Part of the fun and excitement comes with all of the fun Christmas programs, and the songs the kids learn. Daylan and Braxton were no exception as they learned not only their own songs but also those of the other Grades.....Check out Braxton, he is totally getting into it!!!For Daylan it looks a bit more painful.....

While Brandi liked to complain a lot about choir it actually looks as though she is enjoying herself during this concert!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

We had such a great time for Thanksgiving as we were able to get together with my Grandmother, my mom, and two of my sisters, Jennifer and Stephanie with their families... We truly had a great time, but wish we could have seen everyone...I even got to go shopping with my mom and my sisters which is somewhat of a rarity!!! Here are some of the highlights......
Check out the cousins in the pool, they had such a great time together no matter what they were doing, Daylan is totally getting into it!!!

What would Thanksgiving be without some extracurricular activities, thanks to the Goodman family for the famous, or infamous Rocket Launch!!!! Go Cody...

5,4,3,2,1 Blastoff finally!!!!

Of course we had plenty of time to play games with this competitive group.....
Jordan and Ethan

Lots of boy Cousins

Check us out, only the puzzled are allowed:)
Getting serious with the Nintendo DS guitar hero game (It is way fun!!)

The Hanson Family
My Beautiful Grandma!!!
The Goodman leaders!!!

Grandma teaching the Birds how to properly fold festive napkins for special occasions (thank you Martha Stewart!!)
Daylan is showing Grandma just how much he loves to eat...(certain things of course!)

And lastly here we all are, aren't we quite a group and yet there was only about half of our clan present, hopefully next time we can get the whole posse (That doesn't happen too often!)

El Cheapo

Here in Blackfoot the High School has a dance called el cheapo (only in Blackfoot) where whoever is the invited party whether it is the girl or the guy ends up paying, so Lindsey went with a group of girlfriends, and they had a blast... They had to dress up in vintage clothing, so that sorta explains the outfits they had a great time, I am totally convinced that the funnest way to date in high school is to go with friends!!:)

Brandis Dramatic Side

Brandi loves makeup and photography, to name a few things, check out what she does when she is bored
Oh, BTW we do NOT let Brandi leave the house looking like this!!!!:)